My Dream Bedroom*

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If you read my post yesterday ‘You lead I follow’ you will know that we had a specialist appointment with Mr Johnson at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford.  I was so nervous, I teared up of the thought that Jacob … Continue reading


Bad mum…..

We’ve decided not to allow Reika to go away to France with her school. I honestly can’t imagine Reika in another country especially with the world the way it is. And without one of her parents.

It’s so sad as she loves learning about different cultures (although she has been France before) and I want her to gain more independence but her safety comes first and she is still my baby at only 10 years old. I totally understand that anything can happen everyday and anywhere, but I have a number of con’s just sitting in this head of mine. 

To be honest, she handled it a lot better then I thought. I still feel bad that I’m stopping another chance to gain a different experience of the world but happy with our decision.

Anyone else have to make these decisions recently.