Last year our toddler Jacob was diagnosed with Autism after I noticed red flag’s when he was 17/18 month’s old.
I always get asked what were the signs I saw in Jacob for me to push so hard and fight for a diagnosis for Autism. I filmed a video on the sign’s I saw. You can read about these flag’s here – ‘Does my child have Autism‘ or watch my video here.

 I’m not a doctor but these were Jacob’s red flags that I saw that leaded me to get him support. These red flags were really obvious to me by the age of 18/19 months old. There were a couple more that didn’t record on film sorry.
These were:-
*Not being able to wave
*Not able to point
*Not able to understand small commands
*Little interest in other children
*Lack of concentration
I really hope this helps you in some way, remember you are the parent, you know in your heart if somethings not quite right, go with your mummy instinct.
Stacey xo

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