When my youngest son Jacob was diagnosed with Autism, I felt many different feelings. 

Since going through this journey for over a year now I know how it feels. Once you get over the initial shock (even if you knew deep down it can still be a shock) if you’re like me you want to talk. You want to talk everything Autism, you want to find out everything you can. And you need people to understand. 

You try and talk to family and friends, anyone who will listen but just one odd look, and you shut down. You feel like you’re feeling judged, looked down on now you’re a special needs parent. 

You stop talking and hold it in, if you’re like me you push the feelings down with food. On the outside you are copying, but inside your feelings are just being boxed in. 

It’s so normal to be a special needs parent and just cope. Whenever you feel like you’re going crazy due to lack of sleep, your child not eating, head banging out of frustration, or feeling so lonely you always add but he’s amazing. You don’t want to seem like you’re talking bad or putting your child down, I totally get this. But if you’re not truly expressing how you feel where are those feelings going to? 

I want you all to know that these feelings we hold on to can mess us up long term. We are only human. 

I would love if we could all help each other and not feel alone as special needs parents. I would love if you could email me (I won’t share your name etc on my video) or leave a comment below stating how you really feel somedays. Something you feel inside but wouldn’t tell someone as you would feel judged. 

My main goal is to do a video on my YouTube and share with my special needs parents so we know we’re not alone. I will not read out your name if you don’t want me to. 

My email is mummyandthebubbas@gmail.com 


Thank you

Stacey xo  

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