I’m writing this with tears rolling down my eyes. That face there, that gorgeous smile and chubby cheeks is one half of what gets me up everyday. Jacob will be three in May and he has never ever walked outside or hand in hand like a ‘normal developing child would’ dare I say those words. I don’t care this is how I feel.


I cherish my little pudding so much and I’m so proud of him to fight everyday to live in a world that is not made for amazing people like him. But he continues on, with us trying to find ways to support him in this world. Shoes are a major key to why my son can now walk outside and not have a melt down if we have to put him down for a second.

I noticed Converse were no good for his feet or body. By him walking a couple of steps was like walking a 5k run I could see it in his eyes, he was telling me by his tired face, and huge brown eyes, he has poor muscle tone. No one told me this I research it myself and realised this was the problem. I brought him these Nike trainers and our lives have changed. We can take him to the park, farm and he walks. I want to scream so loudly!! I am so proud of my boy! I also have decided to write more and more about #autism it’s my life now and I will continue to raise awareness for Autism until everyone understands!




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