Toddler Sensory Diet Ideas

What is a Sensory Diet?

A sensory diet is a range of sensory experiences that is a planned and structured program. The program is a sensory input to excite or relax our children. It provides optimal and arousal level that involves modification and organisation of the environment.

Toddler Sensory Diet Ideas


Idea’s for Proprioception;

  1. Massage your toddler’s body or foot ( A gentle joint compression)
  2. Bouncing and rocking on a peanut ball or therapy ball
  3. Trampoline – it doesn’t have to be big trampoline, it can be a small one child one but hold your toddlers hands
  4. Pushing or pulling a toy shopping trolley
  5. Wheelbarrowing – hold your toddler at the thighs or hips

Tactile Idea’s;

  1. Shaving foam either in the bath (less mess) or put some on paper baking on a table and let your toddler play. You can also make shapes or numbers using your finger in the foam
  2. Play doh
  3. Rice table – add trucks and car’s into the rice table and let your little ones play in it with your supervision of course
  4. Fidget toy’s
  5. Different fabrics
  6. Vibrator toy’s

Visual Idea’s;

  1. Fish tanks
  2. Fibre-optic lights or lava lamp
  3. Bright lights for bath

Oral Idea’s;

  1. Blowing bubbles
  2. Blow toy’s
  3. Blowing games such as cotton balls, feathers etc..
  4. Cold wet wash flannel
  5. Chewing toy’s
  6. Sucking thick milkshake or smoothie through a straw

Vestibular Idea’s;

  1. Blanket swing
  2. Rocking horse or chair
  3. Swing

Auditory Idea’s;

  1. Music – Nursery rhymes, classical, whatever your child likes
  2. Singing, sing your toddler’s music they like with them or to them

Hope this help’s, leave some of your idea’s below.

Stacey xo

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