World Autism Awareness Week (27th March – 2nd April 2017)

This week is World Autism Awareness Week. I’ve decided to write a blog post each day raising awareness of what Autism actually look’s like in our household.


Jacob woke us up in his normal way today, singing ABC and counting 1,2,3 go. Just another day with our son #Autism We have also had a frustrated boy this morning with his iPad at 7am as it was taking to long to load. I know a lot of toddler’s would get frustrated but due to Jacob’s Autism he doesn’t understand why it’s taking to long and just see’s it as he’s not going to be able to watch it.

It’s now 9.40am and we have just got back from picking up the food shopping, we have to do delivery or pick up service when getting the food shop otherwise it will effect Jacob to much being in a supermarket for a long period of time. The environment is just to much for Jacob for many reason’s, noises, sounds, lot’s of people and a lot going on.

I have thought about making videos and I still might but for now I’ve decided to write a blog post each day this week.

I ask for you please to just look, read, or watch something on #Autism to educate yourself. I have a whole playlist on Autism on my channel. You can even ask me anything, nothing is silly or not appropriate. I am still doing a Q&A on Autism that I will film this week, please send in your questions below or inbox, or email.

Having a video on YouTube answering any questions on Autism will be the perfect place for parents with or without Autism to watch and gain an insight on Autism. Have a wonderful week 💙

Stacey xo


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