Last year was the first year I heard about ‘ELF ON THE SHELF’ it was the year that Jacob was diagnosed with Autism and to be honest I couldn’t care less about these bloody Elf! This year I saw the Elf so different, (my oldest thinks its creepy haha) I didn’t want to jump on […]

Toddler Sensory Diet Ideas

What is a Sensory Diet? A sensory diet is a range of sensory experiences that is a planned and structured program. The program is a sensory input to excite or relax our children. It provides optimal and arousal level that involves modification and organisation of the environment. Toddler Sensory Diet Ideas Idea’s for Proprioception; Massage […]


I’ve been asked how my husband felt about Jacob being diagnosed with Autism. He doesn’t share his life via social media so I’m so honoured he said yes to writing something to share with you all. ‘I received a call from Stacey while I was in the US on business, saying she thinks our Son […]

Rainbow Party | 3rd Birthday

Sunday we celebrated Jacob’s 3rd birthday and Jacob had the best time. As you know if you’re a regular reader, Jacob was diagnosed with Autism last year. Present’s and lot’s of attention isn’t Jacob’s thing and that is fine. So we decided to do a quite day with a family day out and small garden […]


HAPPY WORLD AUTISM DAY 💙 Parents/carers/siblings/family you have all got this, I know how hard and tired it can be some days but I also know how much joy, and love our beautiful souls bring into our lives! Today we light up blue for every child and adult who has Autism. Also for all the […]

My brother has Autism 

When I’m older I want to live with my brother who has Autism, I love him.  My plan is to get into a flat when I’m older with Jacob and live there until I get some more money. Then I will get a house for υѕ,then me and my brother will live there for years […]