We decided to get a new kitchen back in October after deciding not to move. I’m a lover of kitchen’s and always dreamt of designing a kitchen of my own. When we first brought our first house 5 year’s ago I fell in love with everything expect the kitchen. The house was a new build […]

My Dream Bedroom*

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you would know how much I love homeware. I have recently updated my daughter’s room and uplifted our living room a little. There is one room in our house that is my least favourite and that room is my bedroom. It just doesn’t feel as warm and […]

Autumn Make-Over For A Child’s Bedroom

I would like to think I have turned my whole household into loving copper but I would be wishful thinking. Reika’s favourite colour at the moment is bronze and she is in love with changing her colour scheme in her bedroom as much as me.  Yes that’s right we have decided to upgrade Reika’s room. […]