Remember when you was at school and the teacher asked you ‘What do you want to be when you get older?’ and you would say Doctor, Vet, Footballer and the list went on. Not many of us ever said ‘ME, the greatest version of myself’ We are taught to always try and be someone else. So […]

Mental Health In The Black Community

I was raised in an area where I saw people getting killed, shot, stabbed. I’ve also been on the other side of this too. Would I say it affected me? Five years ago I would have said no. It was just life right? You live in the hood you witness, do things and have things […]

How To Be Your Own Life Coach

One reason why people don’t have life coaches is due to the cost. Life coaches can cost a lot of money but can also be life changing for our lives. Over the years of finding myself and major life changes experiences, I’ve learnt through lot’s of research and trial and error on how to become my […]

I’ve Quit Youtube

Have you ever felt like water, the water that is running through fingertips and no matter how much you try and squeeze the fingers together water just slips through. Each day we do something that feed’s our soul or damages it, slowly breaking it piece by piece. We live in a society where we crave […]


Mother’s day is one day away and I wanted to reach out about something that affected me for a long time in regards to Mother’s Day. It’s so hard to speak about things like this but I really don’t want you to think you’re alone, you’re not. Mother’s Day for many will be such an […]


I’m absolutely loving these speed cleaning videos (I love cleaning up) and as many of you are asking me if Im going to be doing one I thought yep why not! This video is an everyday mummy cleaning video with a toddler after school run and Pre-school 12pm pick up. This is my daily routine […]

Accepting yourself as an Introvert

I never knew I was an Introvert. I use to make up many reasons or excuses of why I couldn’t go somewhere or do something. Why was I like this? Maybe I’m weird, maybe there is something wrong with me I use to tell myself. Ive always felt like this since I was a little […]