To me, badass is a state of mind. There is no certain look to it. A badass mother makes no apologies for being who she is. Their can be so many different stigmas over single parent mama’s, breastfeeding vs bottle feeding mamas, and the list goes on. A badass women doesn’t judge other mamas because […]


Growing up in Hackney, East London I loved it. However I was very much involved within the gang and drug culture family members, boyfriends, friends and myself included were all apart of this culture. I don’t talk about this part of my past, not because I’m ashamed I suppose most people would tell me I […]

I struggle

I struggle with emotions, no that’s a lie! I struggle with my feelings when it involves my mum and family.  I eat my emotions.  I never knew this was a thing until I got diagnosed with a eating disorder last year. People always say how strong I am and positive even know I’ve been through […]

Miscarriage at 11 weeks 

I’ve always been a true believer of what is meant to be will be. Even when Jacob was diagnosed with Autism, I questioned why? Why my son? But why not my son, why someone else’s son. I believed I questioned this due to my lack of knowledge of what Autism is. I’ve been MIA from […]


Soooooooo we’ve been keeping a little secret and I’ve been dying to tell you all! We are so thrilled to announce that I am pregnant with baby number 3! We are super early and not reached the 12 week mark but so excited and blessed that we wanted to share with you all. The baby […]

Trump and Apartheid

I always knew this was going to happen, I told close family that this would happen everyone disagreed!  I’m not sure what exactly is going on in this  world but it’s bad.  I want to say to my children that everything will be ok, but I don’t know if it will be. I raise my […]


I am showing my support with the #IAMWHOLE campaign, you all know mental health is so close to my heart.  I have done a very personal video on how mental health affects my parenting and my life.  Please remember you are not alone, getting support was the best thing I did. Yes I still face […]

The awkward topic of ‘Race’

I’ve debated writing a post like this for so long… But I’ve always been honest with you so I will be keeping it real.  We have decided to sell our house in Essex and move. It has taken us a whole year maybe two of looking at areas we like. We narrowed them down and […]