Emotional day 

Today has been an emotional day, I’m ready to say goodbye to my bubba’s for a couple of days.  My husband and I are travelling away just us tomorrow while my dad house sits, something we have never ever done and I feel a little broken.  One part of me understands that after a these […]

Why I Am Taking A Break From Blogging

When you read this I will be in Portgual hopefully sipping on an ice cold cocktail on the beach. I just wanted to talk about quality time with loved ones. Since starting my blog 10 months ago I am constantly writing blogs or filming vlogs when I get free time. I have noticed that being a […]

We Are Going On Holiday!

  In April we booked our first holiday since having Jacob 15 months ago. Holidays mean so much to me, I love travelling and exploring different cultures and love the sun, sea and relaxing. Growing up we didn’t go on many holidays together as a family, actually thinking back we never went on one holiday […]

Our Wedding Anniversary 

Today is our wedding anniversary, we have been married for three whole years and I’m feeling a tad bit emotional. I can still remember the day I first met Mr N, I felt as if I fell in love with him right away. I just wanted to share with you all a couple of our […]