No More Diet’s

I’ve suffered with an eating disorder since I was a child I hid it from family members and some may still not know. I’ve battled my life stresses through my unhealthy relationship with food. For years I’ve yo yo’d from a size 10 to a size 18 and now being a size 16. I was […]


I am starting this post with a big cheesy grin on my face. This week I have encountered the dreaded star week and I must say I jumped on the scales the beginning of the week and It wasn’t looking to good, I know I know I shouldn’t be weighing at home. I always get […]


It’s that time again guys, it’s weigh in time week 3.  I weighed in on Friday morning this week instead of Saturday because my husband and I were going out for a meal and drinks in London. I wanted to make sure I weighed in and didnt miss a week.     I am so pleased […]


I have officially completed week two of slimming world, whoo hoo! It was weigh in yesterday and after a great week I was excited to get weighed. Week 1 I struggled a little with the amount of chocolate, but this week I am getting in the swing of it all. Weigh In  I lost 2lbs […]


Today is the 7th day of my #cleaneating journey you can read my monthly goal’s here, and I wanted to give you an update on how I’ve been getting on. Last week I took the first step to start exercising since having Jacob 20 month’s old, wow it goes so fast. A close friend of […]

I’m Back | Weigh Loss Week 1 

I started back on plan on Wednesday eating healthy again after being off for 5 weeks. My new weigh in day is Wednesday. I’m back!  After a great week on plan, I am feeling more confident in myself. I think this has something to do with my food intake it’s been so much more healthier.  […]

Weigh In Week 27 | Weight Loss Journey

Weigh In Week 27 | Weight Loss Journey I’m back today feeling great! Yes GREAT! This week has been really good sticking to plan, from the help of my meal planning. (honestly guy’s this really help’s) You can read my meal plan here. I won’t pro-long the weigh in result, so I weighed yesterday (as […]

Weekly Meal Plan 25.05.2015 | Slimming World

This is my slimming world friendly meal plan for this week. My family meal plan is a little different and is posted here. Monday – Oven roasted chicken (skin removed), white rice,  Plantain with Vegetables Tuesday – Salmon with mash and vegetables Wednesday – Fish cake (6 syns) in a wholemeal roll (used as a healthy […]

Weigh In Week 26 | Weight Loss Journey

I’m back this week more positive and determined and it feel’s good. If you follow my weight loss journey you would have seen my last post, you can read that by clicking here. This week I loved all my dinner’s and lunches – I know I say this all the time but for me it […]