50 Things That Makes Me Happy tag


Thank you to Beth at Beth Denny for the 50 Things That Makes Me Happy tag. In no particular order here we go:

  1. My Family, my Children Reika,Jacob and my husband Mr N, they make me happy every day
  2. The Sun, I could be having a rubbish day but the sun makes everything better
  3. Chocolate, I am a self-confessed choco addict!
  4. Seeing my children happy and smiling
  5. Helping other’s
  6. Sangria, this drink is amazing!!!!!! I smile just thinking about it
  7. Blogging and Vlogging
  8. Holiday’s
  9. Tea – A cup of tea in the morning’s
  10. Starbuck’s
  11. Head massage
  12. My Macbook
  13. iphone
  14. Seeing other people happy
  15. Reika taking a real interest in something
  16. Jacob smile and laugh
  17. Mr N’s love for me and our children
  18. My house
  19. My extended family
  20. My friend’s
  21. Cake
  22. Seeing people I care about achieve their dream’s
  23. The result of getting my hair done (I dislike the long part before it)
  24. My house being clean and tidy!
  25. Being organised
  26. My children alway’s being around me
  27. How much my children love their grandparents
  28. Reality Show’s – Yes I’m sorry, I am that person
  29. Croissants
  30. Slimming world
  31. Christmas
  32. Fashion
  33. Buying clothes for Jacob-  Reika is so hard to buy clothes for at the moment
  34. Internet shopping
  35. Homeware shopping
  36. Being a stay at home mummy at the moment
  37. Seeing Jacob and Reika playing together even with the big age gap
  38.  The sound of rain on the windows when I’m all nice and cosy inside
  39. Feeling loved
  40. Eating out
  41. Trying different food’s
  42. Genuine nice people
  43. The smell of clean clothes
  44. Nice nail’s
  45. Spending special time with Mr N
  46. My two closest cousin’s
  47. That I am going to be a aunty
  48. Candles
  49. Weekends
  50. My Family! I had to write this again, as this is what makes me truly Happy!

I now tag Bella from A long Came Jay & Charlotte from Berice Baby & Jess from Lilypod and Sweetpea 

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Stacey x


7 thoughts on “50 Things That Makes Me Happy tag

  1. Aww what lovely things to choose. I especially love seeing how much my children love their grandparents. I think Andy would love your point about the rain too. X

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