The pressure to find the perfect House


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We moved into our house in 2012 and after living here for nearly 2 and a half years we have decided to move house. Sound’s easy hey?! Then why am I totally stressing out!

Why the move in the first place?
Mr N and I have decided to move as Reika will be attending secondary school next year (although I am totally scared about this step) I love our home and it’s in a nice area, however the secondary school’s where we live are not great.

Our Must have criteria:

  •  Great School’s
  •  Great area
  •  Good & quick link’s into central London
  •  Large Kitchen/diner
  • 3/4 Bedroom
  • Lot’s of natural light

I have searched for hour’s and more hour’s looking for the right area for us as a family and I feel like I am still no closer to finding the right area! I feel so much pressure to find the right place to raise our children, it has given me a migraine today and I felt writing this post has helped me.

I sometime’s feel I put too much pressure on myself to be the perfect everything, so I have decided to take a break from searching and concentrate on Jacob’s 1st Birthday. I am going to enjoy Jacob’s birthday with no pressure of house searching just yet!

Stacey x

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