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In April we booked our first holiday since having Jacob 15 months ago.

Holidays mean so much to me, I love travelling and exploring different cultures and love the sun, sea and relaxing. Growing up we didn’t go on many holidays together as a family, actually thinking back we never went on one holiday together. Money was a reason but my favourite UK holiday was the caravan – brings back so many holidays I loved it at Dover court.

Our normal family holiday every year is Barbados. The island is breathtaking and great for children, Reika absolutely loves Barbados and so do we. Our last holiday was when I was pregnant with Jacob and we travelled to Marrakesh, Morocco for Christmas and my birthday- New Years Eve.

This year our first choice was Barbados, but we have to be realistic as Jacob is under 2 and a 8 and a half hour flight is pretty heavy for Reika who is 9 let alone a 15 month old. So we narrowed it down to the following:

Greece – Approximately 3 hrs, 2 mins from the UK

Morocco – Approximately 3.5 hours from the UK

Gran Canaria –  Approximately 4 hours, 20 mins from the UK

Portugal – Approximately 2 hours, 50 mins hours from the UK

Portugal was the closest in distance and since being introduced to Portuguese food (not just Nandos haha) 2 years we have always wanted to travel here. So we decided to look for holiday packages and after days of searches I found the one that ticked every box.

Requirements for our family holiday

  • Sandy beach
  • Relaxation
  • All-Inclusive
  • Not far from the UK
  • Hot
  • Kids’ pool/Play area
  • Entertainment
  • Close to a town to have a walk and explore

Childcare was not something we were looking for, we have never used kids club – where our children are left alone with the rep’s. It’s just something we don’t do, we always spend our day’s/holidays with our children.


Our chosen first holiday with Jacob is the five-star Hotel Pestana Porto Santo in Porto Santo, Portugal. 


 I am so excited to get away and relax, I love that our hotel is on the beach it looks amazing. Our main aim for this holiday is to relax and enjoy our time with our children and as a couple. In the UK I am constantly on the go and my mind is always running, on holiday I get the chance to regroup and refuel as such. Reika is so excited as she loves to explore different countries and loves the beach and swimming. I’m a little worried about Jacob and the heat.

The lovely lady who runs my favourite Portuguese restaurant in Essex explained that the island of Porto Santo is very quite and relaxing so for anyone who’s looking for a more lively holiday this wouldn’t be a great place.

For parents who’s children’s love kids clubs they do also provide this too.

Are you off anywhere this summer?

I am always looking for new family holiday’s UK or aboard, where is your favourite place to go?


Stacey xox


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