Why I Am Taking A Break From Blogging

When you read this I will be in Portgual hopefully sipping on an ice cold cocktail on the beach.

I just wanted to talk about quality time with loved ones. Since starting my blog 10 months ago I am constantly writing blogs or filming vlogs when I get free time. I have noticed that being a blogger/Vlogger social media plays a major part, so I am checking my phone or emails throughout the day connecting with you all. I love the blogging community and love being a Channel mum Vlogger and connecting with you all. It’s you guys that inspire my blogs because you take the time to read it/watch and comment on my blogs/vlogs. Thank you I really appreciate it.

In life it’s important not to forget about spending quality time with your family with no phones or iPads just good old conversations and family time.

As mentioned above I am in Portgual and my phone won’t be stuck to me (for once) I will be enjoying time with my family and making memories. Which of course I will be sharing with you all when I get back.

How do you spend quality time with your loved ones? Do you have a balance with work/family time? Is there ever a balance?

Have a fantastic day!



4 thoughts on “Why I Am Taking A Break From Blogging

  1. I totally understand. Since starting blogging two months ago, I have been constantly online and not much time has been spent with my kids so I don’t write or go on social media extensively on the weekends. I use that time to spend with my babies and also to unplug, as it were. Have fun in Portugal. We will all still be here. Thanks for sharing!

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