As Long As You’re Winning They’re On Your side

stacey 2

‘There’s a level of conditioning where we believe we need to stick with whoever is going to win. If they think you’re going to win then they’re on your side. As long as your winning they’re on your side. But that’s not what a friendship or any relationship is’



What I display, on Instagram is me in real life and if you know me in real life you know that. I don’t do pretending, I am respectful, polite, passionate, loving, happy, can be quite, need my own space and tolerate very little. Reika asks me if I was always this way and I wasn’t. When I was younger, I trusted everyone and thought people had my best interest and it wasn’t the case at all. But I don’t regret it, it’s made me the Stacey Leigh I am today.


 This statement is so powerful. I’ve been listening to a podcast today (there my favourite) and it’s so real, not everyone is your friend. I think we can use it so loosely nowadays, my friendships I can count on my hand. It doesn’t make you mean, or nasty you just learn that not everyone’s intentions are good. Once you know that your good!


 Energy is a major key in my life, I live by people’s energy. Your heart will still open and trust it’s just now you know who and how to trust 💗

Stacey xo


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