Make Peace With Your Body


I’ve honestly fallen in love with my body in the last three weeks more than ever. I’ve accepted the tribe marks that I’ve been blessed with (see what I did there – BLESSED with) for they were born through the two precious moments of carrying my two babies and the babies that are in Heaven. The weight I carried after both of them because I was to engrossed in becoming a mum I didn’t think much about my snap back (not sure that was a thing 12 years ago honey I did not snap back) But shout out to all those mums that did snap back I see you boo and think you’re all amazing. Also shout out to all those mums like me who found it harder or couldn’t lose that baby weight I see you all.


My body has also been home to abuse, both physical and psychological and it’s got me through it all.


Being told your to big, or not the right shape for many years has it’s toll when your young, but through it all I’ve learnt to love this body. So I want to give a personal shout out to my body for being the best home, I’ve not always appreciated you, but boo I do now! Thank you! Ladies lets embrace our bodies! Our bodies aren’t the issues are inside needs working on more than our bodies.


Dress – Boohoo 

Shoes – Linzi 


Stacey xo


2 thoughts on “Make Peace With Your Body

    1. It is hard hun, but once you realise how you feel inside and not what everyone thinks you should look like. Thank you xx

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