Should I be ashamed of my thighs? 

I always get told by others that they love that I show my legs. I am always confused by this, let’s be honest I do have those thick thighs and definitely not slim. It just really shocks me that these women wouldn’t feel comfortable showing their legs due to being curvy. 

I have never been ashamed to show my thighs and it got me thinking, should I be? To be honest this thought came into my head for like 3 seconds and I snapped back out of it. 

It’s so important to love who you are, curves, stretch marks and scars. Yes I still have some of the weight I gained when pregnant with Jacob but I don’t hate my body. No way is it socially accepted as ‘beach ready’ but it’s my body. My body who carried by two babies and gave them life. Women’s bodies are incredible and I’m so grateful for mine.  

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