Tips On How To live As An Introvert


Living as an Introvert can be a struggle. A little while back I wrote a post on ‘Accepting yourself as an Introvert’  you can read there what an Introvert look’s like and book’s that help you identify with yourself. Since then I’ve learnt more and more about myself and how to maintain relationships with friends and family but still feel recharged. I thought I would share some tips.


Being an Introvert does not make you any less, you are not odd or weird as the world likes to throw out,  you are you, and that’s ok. We just need to learn how to enjoy our lives as an Introvert. Because what ‘s enjoyable to an Extrovert is different to an Introvert.

  • Spend your free time how you want to – Wake up an hour before everyone else or before you actually have to wake up to have some ‘me’ time. If your into books take an hour out of your day in the evening or lunch time with no phone and do what you want, even life plan your week.
  • Have the right people around you – Friends and family members need to know you and understand you, tell them you need time for yourself, they will understand and if they don’t avoid these people.
  • Don’t negotiate your time, no interruptions remember you need this time to recharge and to be happy.



  • No your limits – Plan your engagements, and space them out let’s be realistic two engagement’s in two weeks might just be to much.
  • Shop online – Shopping centres can be so draining, there’s something that just makes me so hot, and not relaxing at all. But please remember that we are all different find out what work’s for you.


Stacey xo


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