Autumn Make-Over For A Child’s Bedroom

reika 2

I would like to think I have turned my whole household into loving copper but I would be wishful thinking. Reika’s favourite colour at the moment is bronze and she is in love with changing her colour scheme in her bedroom as much as me.  Yes that’s right we have decided to upgrade Reika’s room. Now Reika is getting older she has gone off the colour pink and want’s a more cool bedroom.

Lucky we painted our whole house white and just added different colour accessories in each room to give it a pop of colour. I have been searching for accessories that are more child friendly and came across these.


Copper tape | Amazon

 I will be using this to hang the pictures up in Reika’s room, this tape is actually used to keep the slugs away from garden plant’s but hey I love it lol.

Copper foil print’s | Etsy 

Love, smile and be happy decor |  H&M Home

Copper rug | H&M Home

Copper bowl | H&M Home 

How stunning are these pieces? I have ordered more and I can’t wait to show you the before and after look!



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