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titleI love decorating so much, home decor makes my soul so happy. Even as a child I would re-arrange my bedroom every month or so,  I just love homeware. When we first purchased our house, I planned and even designed how my home decor would look everyday until I finally got the key’s. Since moving into our house I have re-arranged my living space over 7 time’s – I drive my husband mad.

Since having Jacob, he is slowly taking over more and more of our living room with his toy’s and his constant need to run around the sofa – I love his little laugh when he does this. I have always dreamt of a beautiful big dining table but it wasn’t working in our living room, I really dislike clutter and wanted more room for the children to play. Plus having a 6 seater when their was only 4 of us meant all that space was wasted.

We looked at smaller table’s but they were still to big for the space we wanted to free up, so when I saw the Ikea NORDEN Gateleg table I knew it would be perfect. This table is a drop down that seat’s 2-4, making it possible for us to adjust the table size according to our need.

The perfect dining table for your space

After searching online for months’s, we decided to purchase the Ikea NORDEN Gateleg table – which was £150, it’s perfect we can use it half down during the week as it’s only Reika, Jacob and I eating together during the week and weekend we will extend when we all want to eat together. I chose the colour white as I wanted to brighten the room up more and the rest of my furniture in the living room is white.





You don’t need huge space, you can make a dining place for you and your family by just adding very small pieces. Ikea have table’s for different type’s of budget’s depending on what you want.

BEFOREWhat about up-cycling your previous dining table? We thought about doing this but it was no good for us as we still lacked space. If space wasn’t an option this is a great idea.

3 4


Chair’s is a big thing for me, I really wanted chair’s that were comfortable but stylist and chic. I found these super stylist Charles Eames Style White DAW Chair’s and fell in love! They are so so comfortable, and retail at £69.00 each but they are currently on sale for £49.00 from ‘Cult Furniture’. The quality of these chair’s are excellent so easy to put together – I did these myself within 45 minutes.




Accessories can make a room or dining table stand out. Accessories are my favourite part of decorating. If your like me you can add accessories from another room that you wasn’t really using – or is that just me? I am always buying accessories, they are just fab, although they are small item’s that don’t have to cost a lot but they can completely change a room.

For my dining table I like the minimal look, the vase is from Ikea, the flowers are silk and are actually from my wedding when I got married in Barbados years ago. I love these so much they are from a company called Silk blooms. I’m so happy I get to re-use them. The light up star is from Asda and the love heart shape place mat’s and coasters are from Matalan. How can I not add a candle, I just love them – this one is pumpkin coconut from Bath and Body Work’s.



Black letters | The modern life

Rug | Ikea


What style do you like for your dining area?



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  1. love this! My living room / dining room is all open plan and I hate it, i have a huge dining table which i bought in error, hopefully in spring we will be in a position to change it. I am also considering erecting a wall to separate the two, although I am a little worried it will make the house dark and feel smaller x

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