Remember when you was at school and the teacher asked you ‘What do you want to be when you get older?’ and you would say Doctor, Vet, Footballer and the list went on. Not many of us ever said ‘ME, the greatest version of myself’ We are taught to always try and be someone else.

So in a society that is alway’s telling us how to be someone else; how do we find our true authentic self. Below is some of my tips on how to be YOU!

  1. Stop editing your life; that selfie you posted on Instagram, don’t use that that filter. You don’t need it, less editing in your life and more improvising in the here and now.
  2. Stop seeking other peoples approval all the time. Entertain yourself first, do what makes you happy if you continue to seek approval all the time you will have a mental breakdown and continued to feel low in your mood.
  3. Observe silence; be in the here and now to be your authentic self.
  4. Be who you are, while no one’s watching; that person you are when no-one is around, hair messy, no make up, goofy, relaxed – be her while others come around. Answer that FaceTime when your hair isn’t done, open up, be vulnerable stop worrying about what people think of you.
  5. Place yourself in the right environment. Be in that environment that helps you surrender and not live in your Ego. Ego isn’t bad it’s just a mask but it’s not who you are. Spend time in nature, and being in the moment. Nature helps you surrender. Being around love one’s who have your best interest, they will keep you grounded and let you be YOU.
  6. Say No when you don’t want to do something! Don’t say yes when you don’t want to do something, don’t be afraid of what people think. Be in your truth authentically.
  7. Play around with your authenticity; explore yourself we all have different sides of who we are happy, sad etc. Accept you.
  8. Don’t get caught up in competition, competition is an illusion. We are all different and unique less embrace this and work together.
  9. Remember you can always upgrade. Just like an iPhone you can upgrade yourself, this is you evolving. iPhone has updates that help it become a better version of its self, just like you.

Stacey xo

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