Mother’s day is one day away and I wanted to reach out about something that affected me for a long time in regards to Mother’s Day. It’s so hard to speak about things like this but I really don’t want you to think you’re alone, you’re not.

Mother’s Day for many will be such an amazing day, they get to see their own mum and celebrate and also celebrate with their mum on them becoming a mum. I think this is amazing and I love seeing people happy.


Mother’s Day for me is a little different, my mum hated Mother’s Day but I would try and do special things but it was received. I think being rejected by the women who is meant to make you feel safe and wanted is the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced. For years I made sure we (my family- our bubba’s and my husband) did everything big on Mother’s Day. But for the past two years I realised I was over compensating for what I never got. It’s just a day.

I was meant to be on a spa day and break today as a surprise but I’ve cancelled it. There is nothing I would want more than to celebrate with my husband and bubba’s. I think what I’m saying is don’t let a day spoil your day, or week or even month. We are off out to see Beauty and the beast and then to our favourite restaurant for lunch on this sunny day. I may not have a mum but I have my children and my husband. And I thank God each day for them.

Stacey xoxo


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