‘If you could be any colour you would want to be white right?’

Today I was blown away by a blog post I read from the beautiful soul Candice – You can read it here. I related to this post as well as being so  powerful and made me so emotional. You would think me being mix race my story may be so different but I can relate so much.

Being raised by a British white family and being the only ‘Black one’ was sometimes soul destroying especially when you’re not liked or told that I’m lucky they took me in! These were people I wanted to be accepted by in by any means possible. If Im lucky to write a book these are topics I would go into.


I wrote this and didn’t intend to share but it’s a part of me that I believe could help someone.

Being asked as a child ‘If you could be any colour you would want to be white right?’ This still affects my soul.

For years and years I craved to be accepted for me, curly hair, mix race and big thighs and big hips Stacey. I finally taught myself about accepting myself and who I am. I now look back and see these people didn’t love themselves or accept who they were, how can they accept me for me.

I love every race, and I find it so hard that race is a thing, or sexuality and so on. I think its so important that if you are raising a mix race child that the child knows both sides and one is not looked down by the other.

I relate to Barbados so much, I’m actually in the process of getting our Bajan passports now we’ve been married over 2 years (5 years very soon) because that feels like home. My soul is in Barbados, my proposal and my wedding all there.

Thank you Candice for writing this babe and allowing me to express myself, you honestly are one in a million ❤️

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