Mental Health In The Black Community

I was raised in an area where I saw people getting killed, shot, stabbed. I’ve also been on the other side of this too. Would I say it affected me? Five years ago I would have said no. It was just life right? You live in the hood you witness, do things and have things done to you ‘it’s just life right?’ Wrong!

As a black women and I do call myself black yes! So as a black women I don’t think we are aware of what we are witness to and how it effects our brains, our hearts and how we parent and love ourselves or others.

And I believe it can be even harder for black men in this environment.


Watching your brother get killed, your mother get beat by her boyfriend, or even worst and you’re not able to do nothing – do you know how much that haunts you.

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is massively misdiagnosed and more so in the black community and it hurts my soul. There are so many disadvantages that we face with growing up in poverty, and money isn’t the only thing. Mental health is looked down on in our community, no one wants to speak about it. The sad thing is most people are foreign to what actual Mental Health looks like, as it looks different in us all.  We label it as something someone else has and not us. We don’t acknowledge Mental Health in our community like we should.

Watching someone get killed, your brother, sister, or hurting people yourself haunts you! I know because Ive seen what it does. I’ve witness these things and I’ve worked with people who have witnessed killings, rape, and more dreadful things.

If you are experiencing PTSD and suffering in silence please seek support. It wont go away! It will come out in ways you wouldn’t believe. I’m tired of hearing that counselling is for the weak or for ‘white people’ it doesn’t make you stronger or more of a ‘G’ for not seeking support for yourself. How can we raise our beautiful families without looking after our brains and our souls first. Seek support. 




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