To me, badass is a state of mind. There is no certain look to it. A badass mother makes no apologies for being who she is.

Their can be so many different stigmas over single parent mama’s, breastfeeding vs bottle feeding mamas, and the list goes on. A badass women doesn’t judge other mamas because she knows that all mamas rock!

I know many badass women. And many of them have no idea. They hide their light as they are scared to show it, and even maybe might be afraid of what people might think or say. I know this because I was that person until one day I said ‘who gives a sh*t if people don’t like the real me’ and I’ve been living #badass ever since. Embrace your own unique #badass

Thank you to the Mr for understanding me so well and purchasing this amazing jumper from @harls_ted for #mothersday but I opened it because I couldn’t wait.

Stacey xo


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