HAPPY WORLD AUTISM DAY 💙 Parents/carers/siblings/family you have all got this, I know how hard and tired it can be some days but I also know how much joy, and love our beautiful souls bring into our lives! Today we light up blue for every child and adult who has Autism. Also for all the […]


Growing up in Hackney, East London I loved it. However I was very much involved within the gang and drug culture family members, boyfriends, friends and myself included were all apart of this culture. I don’t talk about this part of my past, not because I’m ashamed I suppose most people would tell me I […]

My brother has Autism 

When I’m older I want to live with my brother who has Autism, I love him.  My plan is to get into a flat when I’m older with Jacob and live there until I get some more money. Then I will get a house for υѕ,then me and my brother will live there for years […]


We decided to get a new kitchen back in October after deciding not to move. I’m a lover of kitchen’s and always dreamt of designing a kitchen of my own. When we first brought our first house 5 year’s ago I fell in love with everything expect the kitchen. The house was a new build […]

I struggle

I struggle with emotions, no that’s a lie! I struggle with my feelings when it involves my mum and family.  I eat my emotions.  I never knew this was a thing until I got diagnosed with a eating disorder last year. People always say how strong I am and positive even know I’ve been through […]


This is when Jacob not be able to communicate with talking is heartbreaking.  Jacob left pre-school today with a red scratch on his eye lid bless him and looks sore. They asked if he had it before he arrived which he didn’t. They said they will look through the cameras, so I rang to see […]


This special boy done something today that he has never been able to, it was one of the red flag’s of Autism that I noticed.  He waved and said bye bye!  I cried, the nursery nurse was so excited and Jacob started to laugh.  Most mum’s dream of their little boys growing up, I was […]