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If you’re a regular reader you will know we are off on holiday next week to Porto Santo o yes! You can read all about our hotel here. We are all so excited but I’m a little anxious of travelling with a 15 month Old. Jacob loves to be on the move so sitting on an aeroplane for 3 hour’s I’m sure won’t sit right with Mr Jacob.

I am a complete control freak so I have planned his hand luggage for week’s and I’m still unsure if I’ve forgotten something.


We decided to purchase a Trunki for Jacob’s hand luggage to make it easier for us to access his bit’s and bob’s so we chose the blue one. However I then won a ‘design your own trunki’ and decided to make one that we can use for storing toys etc for when at home. I love them both and which one is your favourite? We may still add some of his item’s into my hand luggage as my husband won’t be taking hand luggage as we want as much free hand’s for our very speedy walking son.

trunki 4trunki 2 trunki 3 black trunki

hand luggage

  • Change of clothes
  • x1 Water wipes
  • x5 Nappies
  • x2 Sachet’s of Calpol and a spoon
  • x5 Bibs – Jacob is teething so lot’s of dribble
  • Milton Antibacterial wipes
  • x3 Plaster’s
  • Anbesol (Teething) (God Sent)
  • 1 of Jacob’s favourite book ‘Where’s Spot?’
  • x2 Organix Carrot sticks snacks
  • x1 Organix Puff snacks
  • x1 Banana waffle
  • Hand sanitiser
  • x1 Plastic bibs
  • 2 bottles (1 for his soother – it’s his comfort)
  • Aptamil growing up milk Ready made x2
  • Sun hat
  • Blanket
  • Ella’s Kitchen Moroccan chicken & spoon
  • Nappy bags
  • Toy – and iPad for Dora the explorer (Although this will be in my bag)

Stroller – Elodie Details Stockholm Stroller

IMG_7980 IMG_7974

Perfect and light for the holiday.

So….. this is my very tiny small list eeeek… I have tried to pack what I use on a daily basis when out all day plus a little extra.

What item’s would you add or remove? Have I missed something?




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5 thoughts on “Inside A 15 Month Old’s Hand Luggage | Jacob’s Trunki

  1. looks like you’re very organised! i was worried too with Max being an on the go baby, but he totally surprised me! hopefully Jacob will be a good boy for you xxxx

  2. We are travelling to Australia in 3 months so I’m going to save this list to prepare for when we go. Baby girl will be 15 months when we travel. Do you think a trunki will be practical for a long haul flight with a 15 month old? We’ll have a lot of other luggage with us too x

  3. I’m literally using your list right this minute as I prepare to sort out what to take for Jay on the 11.5 hour flight eeek! this was really useful hun. It’s going to be a much longer flight so I will need to take that into account but you’ve listed stuff i hadn’t even thought of like plasters. xx

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