School Style Sponge Cake Recipe

Sponge Cake with Icing and Hundred and Thousands – School style!

school cake

Who remembers this cake from school? This cake is something I remember each time I think of my school day’s. My husband and daughter love this recipe and it’s super easy to make.

I promise it taste just like you remember! 


225g self-raising flour 

175g soft butter or baking spread

175g caster sugar

3 Large eggs

3Tblsp/45ml milk

1 1/2 tsp of baking powder


1. Preheat your oven to 180C/160C Fan/Gas Mark 4.

2. Mix the butter, flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs and milk into your bowl/mixer.

3. Beat/Mix well for 2 minutes until it is well beaten.

4. Pour the mixture into your desired baking tray and be sure to level the top of the mixture.

5. Bake the sponge for about 20-25 minutes until the cake has shrunk away from the sides of the tin or until the sponge springs back when you press it lightly with your fingertips.

6. Once the time is up leave the cake to cool in the tin and then ice!


I use 225g of icing sugar and added enough water to make a pourable icing, you can add the hundred and thousands and presto! Delicious sponge cake with icing and hundred and thousands just like it tasted back in school.

‘To make the cakes square like mine I used a brownie baking tray which is great and less time-consuming. However you can grease and line a baking tin or roasting tin approximately 12 x 9 inches or 20 x 22cm. Alternatively you can buy foil trays from the supermarket’


This cake is a big hit in the Bubba’s household, It bring’s back them great memories of school dessert’s.

Stacey xoxo 


5 thoughts on “School Style Sponge Cake Recipe

  1. This recipe tasted great i found i had to add more milk because i had a very thick batter but maybe my eggs weren’t large enough.

    This cake went down a treat!!


  2. This looks delicious. I remember having this cake at school with chocolate custard, is that even a thing anymore? Will definitely be testing this recipe! Thank you for linking up with #LittleAppetites

  3. I was just thinking I remember these from school. I’d always go for it if it was out! So scrummy. I’d never have thought to make them though, so thats now going to change. Also I need your cake display ‘thing’… what are they even called?! Thankyou so much for linking up with #LittleAppetites. We hope to see you next week for more fun! Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Omg Ive got to try this! I remember this from Primary school! Never liked the custard that come with it though *shivers* it always use to have a film on top yuk! xx #LittleAppetites

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