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I have always been intrigued by Amber bracelets as I have seen babies wearing them but I was sceptical if they actually worked. I started to read up on the benefits of Baltic amber and was surprised how it worked. 

Robert from Natural Amber was kind enough to send me one of their children’s necklaces for Jacob. The children’s necklace is great for a busy toddler who loves playing with everything as I find Jacob would fiddle with anklets or a bracelet and with a necklace you can hide it under clothes and not easy accessible for toddler’s. 

Jacob had really bad teething when we were in Portugal, 3 teeth were all coming through, one in which was the front tooth and with experience I know the previous front tooth really affected Jacob. Luckily we took the amber necklace on holiday with us.


What is Baltic amber?

Amber is a resin that comes from the forest trees, and Baltic is the region from where it’s from. Baltic amber has the largest concentration of succinct acid in the amber which naturally help’s with teething. 



How does it work ? 

 It is believed that the succinct acid get’s absorbed through the skin whilst your child is wearing the necklace and this helps relieve the teething discomfort.  The amber has the highest percentage of succinct acid and this is released when it is warmed up against your child skin and is believed to help relieve teething pain. 
Some of the benefits of Baltic amber for babies is reducing inflammation, alleviate teething pain and a natural Pain killer.

We have tried the Baltic Amber necklace for 2 weeks and have seen improvements with Jacob’s teething, no screaming with pain during the day and I’ve only used Calpol once for the night time. Babies should always be supervised when the necklace is on and never sleep in it. 
I’m extremely pleased with the Amber necklace and the natural pain-killer for Jacob and I will continue to use it on Jacob. I would recommend you trying the Baltic amber necklace if you like a more natural pain killer’s as much as I do. 
* This item was sent to me for a review all opinions are my own.



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