A Review of Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive & Spa Beach Resort | Part 1


I am finally getting around to writing my thoughts about our family holiday at Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive & Spa Beach Resort. My golden tan is fading and I wanted to share my holiday with you. 

I can’t believe this time last week I was sitting on the beach slipping on sangria and swimming in the sea watching the bubba’s play in the sand and the swimming pool’s.

We were really nervous with travelling with a 15 month old who hates to sit still for longer then 2 minutes, and worried about the heat, food and aeroplane journey. However we need not have worried, the whole thing was amazing rom start to finish and we have come away with the most amazing memories.

The hotel is ‘All inclusive’ meaning that practically everything is included in the price of the holiday- which is so convenient to go into all the bars and restaurants and not have to take money which is perfect for family holidays. You literally didn’t need to spend anything, which surprised my husband so he decided to surprised me with a back massage and facial! Which was amazing may I just add.

This holiday was our first holiday with just us a family, it was so beautiful to spend some time  together just the four of us for the whole week and not just the weekend. Jacob and Reika got to bond with their daddy even more.

I took so many photos,  but didn’t record or have my phone much out their as I wanted to chill and make memories with my family, and that is exactly what we did. If you follow me on social media you would have seen some pictures that I posted whilst we were away.
 A Full Review on this 5* hotel will be on my blog soon.
Here is Part One (of many!) of our holiday at Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive & Spa Beach Resort.


We arrived at the airport without any mummy breakdown’s or screaming from the bubba’s whoooo hoooo! Our flight wasn’t till 15.20pm which meant Jacob fell asleep in the car for his nap and Reika joined him. Airport is always fun for us all, it’s the build up to the holiday we love so much, we chose to eat at Comptoir Libanais which is a lebanese restaurant which my husband and I actually tried for the first time in July for our anniversary and loved it. I chose the lamb burger which melts in your mouth! O yes we was going on holiday.

photo 4

photo 1

Family selfie – Excited much!

photo 2

Jacob had his comfort ( avent bottle) and was falling asleep on me while my husband was enjoying his first holiday drink – Bailey’s.

photo 3

Reika took these photo’s on her iPad, looks so beautiful – I must admit I didn’t look out the window much as since becoming pregnant with Jacob I have become fearful of flying but I had to keep it at bay as I never wanted to scare Reika.

holiday a

We arrived at Pestana Porto Santo All Inclusive & Spa Beach Resort at just after 8pm and it was still light outside and the heat was beaming down on us, it felt amazing to feel warm again. When we left the UK it was pouring down with rain. Our experience at the airport was fantastic but I will be writing about this in my review.


We had dinner at the restaurant and of course sangria but by 9pm we were shattered so we went back to our suite to unpack and get a good sleep.



Our first day at sunning it up in Porto Santo

My dinner date
baby fashion 1
Jacob was not a fan of the sand lol, or grass he just hates the feel of them, I think he get’s this from me.
Jacob loves the weather
Reika was in her element, she was so happy
We spotted the moon, what a beautiful sight. The view of the mountain’s were incredible.
My First breakfast in Porto Santo with bubbles of course.
I love this photo
Sangria was my best friend out here, it taste so much better in Portugal
Public show on how to make Paella
The warm (sometimes too hot) sand between my toe’s – take me back
I literally couldn’t get Reika of the beach
Jacob with a staff member at the Madeira restaurant
IMG_9581 IMG_9583
The food at the Madeira restaurant was amazing!
Our trip to Porto Santo’s town
My husband had so much more time to bond more with the bubba’s it was incredible, we made so many great memories
Mummy and son
I did say there was going to be lots of photos and that’s only the beginning, sorry not sorry. There will be more holiday posts over the next week or so.
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