Emotional day 

Today has been an emotional day, I’m ready to say goodbye to my bubba’s for a couple of days. 

My husband and I are travelling away just us tomorrow while my dad house sits, something we have never ever done and I feel a little broken. 

One part of me understands that after a these hard years we need sometime for ourselves but It doesn’t stop it from hurting. It was Jacobs specialist teacher and pre-school who suggested Jacob spending time with my inlaws as they believe it will really help with he’s social skills and communication skills. Reika is over the moon and has given me a list of things she would like, my inlaws are amazing and our children adore them.

 I will miss them so much and it hurts. I know I will be ok when I’m out there and I see how much fun they’re having. 

Stacey xo

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