Today is the 7th day of my #cleaneating journey you can read my monthly goal’s here, and I wanted to give you an update on how I’ve been getting on.

Last week I took the first step to start exercising since having Jacob 20 month’s old, wow it goes so fast. A close friend of mine told me about an Insanity class, now I am totally aware of what Insanity is,  as I’ve tried to do the dvd at home last year and just gave up.

I must be crazy! It was insane, I literally felt like I was going to be sick. Twenty minutes in I got a stitch and my throat started burning I nearly gave up, but I didn’t I continued and I’m so glad I did.

I took a before photo with no make up obviously, I would love to be able to look all done up while working out and not like a hot mess but I just can’t. I like my face to be able to breath. I posted this picture on my Instagram, and got so much support – thank you! Behind that smile there was fear haha but also very proud of myself for even going.


This was my face after Insanity,  red and sweaty haha! Although I felt like giving up and thought I was going to pass out I didn’t. The buzz I got from exercising was amazing, I love that I am aching all over and that I have sore muscles that I never thought I had. 6

When I arrived at the gym, I started to fill anxious as there were lot’s of people and all slim, how was I going to keep up started flooding through my head. My friend was amazing, she really took my mind of it. I don’t think I could of attended my first class without someone I knew, so glad I had my friend Emma – who is also on her fitness journey. Thanks Emma.



I saw this honey garlic recipe on a blog post from a blogger friend of mine – Sarah from Roseyhome, I loved it. I slightly adapted the recipe a little by swapping the butter for coconut oil and adding ginger and soy sauce to the honey and garlic marinate.


This is what I had for dinner.

I am now off to try an exercise class called ‘Clubbercise’ have you heard of it? I read that it’s where you do exercises/dance to 90’s music I believe in the dark with glow sticks and disco lights! O yes I am going to love this.

Thanks for reading guys!

What exercise classes do you love? Are you on your fitness journey? I would love to hear your goals.

Stacey xoxo

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