I’m Back | Weigh Loss Week 1 

I started back on plan on Wednesday eating healthy again after being off for 5 weeks. My new weigh in day is Wednesday. I’m back! 
After a great week on plan, I am feeling more confident in myself. I think this has something to do with my food intake it’s been so much more healthier. 
This is not going to be a long post, Jacob and I was hit down by a sickness bug and I am here just trying to exist with Jacob holding on to me being cranky bless him. No one in our house had more then 4 hours sleep… Ok ok so I came off the point, so I weighed in and I have lost 4lbs! Yes! Super happy about this, as it has been star week too and I have been suffering with PMT. 

Here’s to another great week on plan.

Good luck to everyone who weighs in today. 

Stacey xoxo 

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