I have returned to the world of ‘Stacey you need to kick your butt into gear mode!’ And I must say it feels pretty good. Back to Slimming World I go.

I’ve had 15 weeks off plan to eat what I want, and just concentrate on everything family and with Jacob’s health. While I was away I found that all that junk Ive eaten seems to be taking a toll on my body, obviously you say! So I have decided to look after myself for once, I need to look after myself so I am healthy enough to be here for my bubbas- It’s part of my life changes you can read here. 

I started back on plan on saturday 30th Jan, and weighed in on saturday whoo hoo! So I can say I am officially a Slimming World member o yes!

So I have decided to do a weekly update on how I get on I even share how much I weigh over on my youtube channel, Shocker!! I need to keep it real with you all it’s going to be a long and hard journey but I have never been so ready for it.

This week I lost 4lbs and I am very happy with myself.

To wrap this first post up as I don’t want to be writing loads and boring you! I changed groups and its been the best decision. Love my new group.

If you want to join my journey with me come and say hi or you don’t have to say hi you can just peep over on my youtube channel. I speak a lot more about slimming world and my journey after each weigh in and of course everything else family, parenting and lifestyle related. Just click Stacey Leigh 
Here’s to a great week!



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