Weigh In Week 26 | Weight Loss Journey

I’m back this week more positive and determined and it feel’s good. If you follow my weight loss journey you would have seen my last post, you can read that by clicking here.

This week I loved all my dinner’s and lunches – I know I say this all the time but for me it work’s if you plan your meal’s it really helps to say on plan.

Weigh In results – I got on the scales this morning and lost 2lbs.

I’m very happy with this loss and it just makes me feel like I am back in the zone! I knew it wouldn’t be easy and for some reason it feels so much harder the second time around losing weight after my first was so much easier. But no one said it would be easy and I know this, I will fall off and battle with my emotional eating self but I will never give up!

I am meeting the girl’s for lunch today and plan to have a cheat meal and looking forward to catching up with some good friends of mine with a glass of wine of course.

Have a lovely weekend!

Are you on a weight loss journey?

Stacey xoxo

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