Weigh In Week 27 | Weight Loss Journey

Weigh In Week 27 | Weight Loss Journey

I’m back today feeling great! Yes GREAT! This week has been really good sticking to plan, from the help of my meal planning. (honestly guy’s this really help’s) You can read my meal plan here.

I won’t pro-long the weigh in result, so I weighed yesterday (as I was going out for a meal Friday night – Five guys! its amazing, review will be up today) and I wanted to weigh in before my treat meal.

Weigh in Week 26 – 2lbs Loss

Super happy with my result and it has given me my confidence back to losing my weight. 4lbs in two week’s I happy with this!

This week my food choice’s have been great, I especially enjoyed the fish cakes from Aldi (review will be up soon).  If you follow my blog you would notice that I have made smoothies and so far I find they haven’t affected my weight loss – I will keep you updated with this, but I am totally loving my smoothie making.

I just wanted to say to my readers thank you for riding with me on my rollercoaster of a weight loss journey.

Have a great weekend

Stacey xoxo

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  1. That’s amazing chick! So proud of you keeping going – I never keep to plan with my meal plan or exercise! What a good loss this week! X


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